BLOG - THINGSUSHOULDNO by Writer/Poet, Catherine Jones

THINGSUSHOULDNO is a blog I've put together while working on a book I wrote to my three Daughters.. The idea came to me to develop a blog to share with others on a variety of  subjects. I would like to and plan to concentrate on communicating with as many people, places and organizational structures as possible. I am an individual that have suffered in silence for years regarding certain areas in my life. Developing ways in which to share information regarding reaching out and asking for help, and seeking information about how to locate the resources that are available is something I plan to research, blog about, conduct workshops, etc. People can learn from each other. I love knowledge because knowledge is power. Sharing this power is one of my goals. May my desire to share and communicate with you, my friends, family and others, encourage you-my audience, to do the same!

Love and Peace,