An update to my gofundme campaign


I just wanted to add the fact that when people read about my goal of $1,000.00, they may think, Is she nuts? No, she isn´t. I´m not asking any one person for any specfic amount. Five dollars or fifty dollars will receive the same amount of gratitude of thanks. From back in the day, in Abla Homes, when, as a teenager, I was inspired to write a poem entitled, ´Where There´s Dope, There is no Hope!´ This poem was about twenty lines long. When my poem was published in the neighborhood newspaper called the West Side Torch and when I saw my work published with my byline, (by Catherine Jones), for the first time, I knew then that I wanted to be a writer and I have been writing every since. So fbf, wish me luck, share if you care or share if you can but God bless you either way.

Love and Peace